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Art – Women – Life

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International Women Artists Exhibition 2023




Lecture 1

Theme: Art – Women – Life
Lecturer: Zhang Hexin
Date: 10 March 2023 (Friday)
Language: Chinese

Summary of Content
“Art – Women – Life” raises the public’s awareness of art, inviting experts from different industries to explain the impact of art on human society and life. From the day art was first created, it has served the spiritual needs of people. Art has never been completely detached from people. Life is the source of art, and art gives back to life.  When it comes to the theme, of women, art, and life. There are four aspects to this: women and art, women and life, art and life, the balance between women, art, and life, or what is the best state to be in? How do you achieve that state?

The introduction of Zhang Hexin
Audrey Zhang | Prestige Art Gallery Owner / filmmaker/Bachelor’s degree in media arts from Royal Holloway, master’s degree in film directing from the University of Westminster, IAP Accredited art gallery owner certificate. She has worked for BBC and CCTV documentary channels – a documentary director with a sense of mission and empathy.

After lived in London, Beijing, and Shanghai for a long period, Audrey currently lives in Singapore as a permanent resident. She is passionate about Art and has been continously paying attention to art market. In 2017, she began to collect artworks from Southeast Asian artists in Singapore. In 2022, Audrey became the owner of Prestige Art Gallery. In her perspective, this new identity has offer her an alternative lifestyle. At the same time, as a filmmaker, she’s devoted to encourage and inspire people to appreciate life and beauty by telling the stories behind art.

About Prestige Art Gallery
Prestige Art Gallery was established in 2019 in Singapore, one of the most significant regional hubs where East meets West.
Our main exhibition space is located in the core CDB area. Proudly in partnership with Bank of Singapore, the private banking arm of OCBC. Prestige Art Gallery aims to promote collectible grade artworks created by both emerging and established artists based in the region and internationally, whose works are presented in various forms of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and digital animation. Our mission is to bridge art, capital and philanthropy, and to support artists in achieving greater social influence and success. We are also dedicated to providing customized and professional art investment services for collectors and art lovers.

Topics covered: vocational education / aesthetic enlightenment / social humanities / feng shui beliefs/aesthetics of life


Lecture 2

Theme: Wealth Strategy Outlook 2023
Lecturer: Tjin Wei Ming
Date: March 11, 2023 Saturday
Language: Chinese

Summary of Content

  1. Wealth Strategy Outlook 2023
  2. The road to recovery: Steady and surging to capture turnaround opportunities
  3. Equities and bonds saw the largest simultaneous decline in 2022, with overall losses of up to 20%. Cash outperformed almost all asset classes. However, as we look ahead, we need to remember that markets lead the economy. Poor market returns in 2022 are a harbinger of economic weakness in 2023. The market in 2023 will be an early harbinger of a potential economic recovery in 2024.

The introduction of Mr. Tjin Wei Ming
Mr. Tan is currently an Investment Consultant at Citi Wealth Management, Citibank Singapore. He provides investment advisory services to Citi Wealth Management clients, implementing asset allocation strategies and structuring portfolio solutions.

Mr. Tan has 18 years of experience in the financial industry. Before joining Citi Wealth Management, he worked as a futures trader for several international proprietary trading firms, executing proprietary trading strategies in the global foreign exchange, stock index, and bond futures markets.

He graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


Lecture 3

Theme: Collections and Assets
LecturerLiu Dai Song
Date: March 12, 2023 Sunday
Time: 2pm-3pm
Language: Chinese

Summary of Content
As Singapore encourages cultural and artistic undertakings in recent years, more and more people in our society appreciate and support art. Allison Liu will share in this talk the fundamental professional issues that need to be understood when purchasing art works, such as how to start, how to get into depth, the art categories worth collecting, to understand the difference between consumable and collectible grades of arts and authentication issues etc. Art works collected through careful curation and selection could constitute into art assets, and we will explore the functions and characteristics of such assets.

We hope to help Singaporeans develop a finer artistic taste, build art collections with the characteristics of our time and with a context, and eventually contribute to the development of Singapore art, and with regional and international influence.

The introduction of Liu Dai Song
Founder of the Song Art Foundation Singapore; Ph.D. student in aesthetics, School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China.

Visiting Professor of Jiangxi Institute of Industrial Engineering and Vocational Technology; Distinguished Researcher in International Institute of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen University of Technology; Provincial Master of Chinese Ceramic Art.

Majoring in Chinese landscape painting, she has expanded the influence of Chinese ink painting overseas by incorporating modernity into traditional ink moods. The collecting community is widespread in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Europe, North America, the Middle East, and ASEAN countries.


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